Breakout, Part 2

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a game.

…if you can call it that.


For my first real stretch of development, my focus was on setting up a workflow and making sure everything was installed and set up, and get a barebones version of Breakout up and running.

As you can see, it’s pretty… um… well, yeah. But it’s a game!

In Breakout, Part 1, I mentioned that I’d be following the Noobtuts tutorial for making a 2D Arkanoid clone; that’s exactly what I did. Instead of using the supplied sprites, I decided to make my own. This was probably a terrible idea.

The goal, however, was to get my basic workflow up and running, and familiarize myself with the basics of Unity 2D. The tools I’m using for this are:

  • Unity 5.3.0f4
  • Paint
  • Paint.NET (for adding transparency to the ball)
  • Github Desktop
  • Visual Studio Community

I’m stopping here for right now, but the next tasks I want to tackle are adding score, lives and deaths. Beyond that, I need to add sounds and particle effects, balance the gameplay a bit, and add the required modifications for the assessment: an options menu, the “Doomguy” face, and my own customization: the Thru-Brick powerup.

For those who wish to follow along, you can track and download the latest version of the game at

Stay tuned!

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